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Sports massage is also a very big part of what we do at Trymwood fitness. Unknown to most people, sports massage is not just for sports people!! Sports massage is designed to help people get rid of stresses and strains caused not only from exercise but also our daily routines.

Some of the typical complaints that we treat with massage include:

  • Headaches caused from long periods of time sitting.

  • Lower back ache caused from long periods of time sitting.

  • Neck and shoulder pain caused from long periods of time sitting(can you see a theme here??!).

  • Tight hamstrings/calves or sore feet including achilles tendonitis or plantar fasciitis.

  • Muscle strains and pains.

  • General body aches and stiffness.


Most peoples problems stem from their daily work routines. These include sitting at a desk, driving a car, long periods of time standing up or running around after your family. Over a period of time these things take a toll on our bodies and eventually you may start to notice some sort of a problem.

Sports massage is a form of deep tissue massage, and by treating the area of discomfort and diagnosing/treating its possible cause we can then help to relieve and hopefully get rid of these pains. The result of your first massage can depend on how long you have had the problem but you should notice a huge improvement. Sometimes it may need a couple of massages within a short time period(typically 7-10 days), this then helps to speed up the recovery process. Once your problem has gone it is then worth looking at having more regular massages, this can be anything from once every 4-12 weeks(or longer). If your lifestyle is what causes these aches in the first place, and your lifestyle isn't going to change then you will need some sort of regular treatment to help manage your problem.

Sports massage costs:

£45 per hour when you buy one or two sessions.

£42.50 per hour when you buy a block of three sessions.

If you have any questions regarding Sports massage or would like to book an appointment then get in contact with us.

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