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At Trymwood there are three weekly small group classes that are open to anyone. Two of these classes run online via Zoom with unlimited participants. Our Wednesday class takes part in our gym and we are currently limiting the numbers to a maximum of 10 people.  All sessions are bookable in advance, and places need to be confirmed before each session.  Online classes are £8 per login and classes in the gym are £8 per person. Feel free to contact us and ask any questions you have regarding our classes.

MONDAAY 12:20-1:20pm Online Resistance bands class

During lockdown, online classes became a big part of peoples lives. Now that the world is back to some type of normality, online classes are here to stay as they are so convenient for peoples lifestyles. Mondays class is a resistance based workout focusing on strength and muscle tone. Each workout combines bodyweight and resistance bands exercises to work the entire body from head to toe. If you thought that resistance bands were easy, think again. This workout is as effective and challenging as any gym weights workout.

HIIT class Bristol
WEDNESDAY 12:15-1:15pm HIIT class

HIIT/High intensity interval training is designed to improve fitness and aid fat loss by increasing your metabolism. This class can involve a combination of Bodyweight exercises and cardio vascular machines, and each session is different through the use of differently structured circuits. The beauty of this class is that a group of people with varying fitness levels can workout along side each other and they can all get an effective workout. You cannot be too "unfit" for this class as every workout can be taken up or down in difficulty/intensity to suit each individual.

Online stretching class
SATURDAY 9:30-10:30am Stretching and mobility class

Our Saturday online class is focused on stretching, flexibility and mobility.

Based on the lifestyles that modern society lead, peoples posture is constantly being stressed for the worse. By learning how to stretch and manage your own body, stretching will help to maintain good posture, help manage aches and pains and prevent possible injuries.

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